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Security System Apps

Honeywell Systems

Honeywell Total Connect – Take control of your home with the Free Honeywell Total Connect 2.0 App. This is used for all Honeywell systems including Vista, Lynx & Lyric Panels and includes all functions including security, home automation & total connect video.

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DSC Security Systems

Smartlink+ – Take control of your DSC Powerseries security system with this all in one smarthome app.

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Older Honeywell or DSC systems

Connect2go – This internet only device is used on older DSC & Honeywell systems to arm/disarm & receive alerts to your smartphone.

Camera Systems

Contact security uses two apps for video systems depending on how the system is installed, what internet provider is being used & whether port forwarding is available.

Hikvision iVMS-4500 – For systems with port forwarding setup. This app offers quicker live view & performance.

Hik-Connect App – For systems without port forwarding, including systems that are connected via a 4G or LTE Smarthub or Satellite based internet. This app provides better real time alerts.

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