ULC Fire Monitoring

Most commercial & residential multi-tenanted buildings are protected by a fire system, and those fire systems must be monitored and serviced by a ULC Listed company. Contact Security is a ULC listed monitoring company and will ensure your fire system is functioning properly and ensure that the correct procedure is followed when a fire signal is received.

Our Alarm Monitoring Station is listed by U.L.C. (Underwriters’ Laboratories of Canada) which is the regulating body for the alarm industry in Canada. We have to continually meet and maintain a stringent list of requirements and regulations in order to keep our U.L.C. listing.

A ULC certificate is a document issued by the ULC in care of your monitoring service provider that is to be displayed at the fire alarm monitoring panel. It states that the installation, equipment, and method of communication adhere to applicable ULC standards. A ULC certificate is the only proof that your building is being monitored in accordance with applicable ULC standards.

ULC lists alarm companies to determine compliance with ULC standards and Nationally recognized codes. Once a company goes through this evaluation process they are then capable of issuing certificates within their listing category. These certificates are generally issued when mandated by a requesting body to ensure compliance to National Standards. ULC certificates can only be issued by ULC listed companies

All of the staff at Contact security receive special training in order to meet our extremely high standards as well as the exacting requirements of U.L.C.

Contact Security UL Certificate