Video Verification

Video Verification Solves Problems

In order to know where a triggered alarm is a true emergency or not, the alarm must be verified.

In some cases, the owner knows immediately whether the alarm is a false or not and will be expecting a call from Contact Security.

Video verification solves this issue by providing immediate visual verification of the nature of the emergency.

Commercial Security Video Verification

Security False Alarms

Real Security Events

A large percentage of triggered alarm signals are ultimately deemed to be false alarms. Police associations across Canada are very vocal about the burden false alarms place on their limited resources.

Users of security systems are subject to rising fines for frequent or repeated false alarm activity. Excessive false alarms can even prevent the authorities from responding at all, leaving your business unsecured. This is where Contact Security can help with their custom video verification systems.

This video verification results in many advantages including:

  • Reduces Costly False Alarms
  • Increased Capture of Suspects
  • Video used in the Prosecution of Suspects
  • Visual Confirmation of an Emergency
  • Increased Safety
  • Faster Response Time for Emergency Services
  • Peace of Mind in that you are not walking into a dangerous situation